Every year so many students from India travel overseas for the purpose of higher education. Education is the top most priority for all parents and children these days. However, studying abroad does not come easy. Besides it being a distant affair, it also requires one to shell out a fortune. From taking care of their needs and necessities such as food, accommodation, studies, we also give utmost importance to health through the right medicines and other means of protection.


On your child’s journey to the specific destination for study or while your child is pursuing his or her education, there are various possibilities of incidents that can occur. Such unpredictable incidents can take place in the form of personal accident, baggage loss, study interruption and others. Being miles away, it is a great reason of worry to handle such situations as it calls for your physical existence. For example- if your child’s studies are interrupted due to a specific reason, how would you be able to solve the matter while you are in another country altogether?

student health insurance

Student Medical Insurance is therefore a must need for every student who travels abroad for education. A student medical insurance provides medical as well as non-medical coverage throughout the period of a student’s education. It also includes facilities of auto-renewal and extension, in which case the student does not have to struggle. There are various categories of these insurance plans provided by various banks. From basic plans to comprehensive plans, these insurance plans include sponsor protection, compassionate visit, bail bond, personal liability, and various other provisions.


In most of the educational institutes, a student medical insurance is compulsory. Whether you are a parent or student, you must ensure that you have purchased a student medical insurance that covers your basic needs at least. It is indeed the best security one can receive, whether you study in Australia, Singapore, America, or any other place in the world.